What would you give to have just five more minutes with someone you lost? 
In an abstract and symbolic world, a unique bond forms between a grandfather and his grandson. They live in a surreal world where gravity is reversed, pulling everything upwards. As Saba, the grandfather, guides the boy through this peculiar reality, the rope anchoring their house tears. And just like that, with life’s inevitable yet still surprising nature, we lose Saba. The boy embarks on an emotional journey to find closure. Through a simple and charming visual language, the film delves into life's fundamental questions, exploring the paths we choose or are compelled to take separation from loved ones and the ongoing effort to reconcile and move forward.

My name is Liron Topaz. For the past 15 years, I've been working on some of Dreamworks Animation's biggest hits as the Animation Department Chair, Animation Supervisor, and Director. My contributions extend to known franchise films such as Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, The Croods, The Bad Guys, and many more. 

Notably, I wrote and directed Dreamworks' acclaimed short film "Bilby," which earned a place on the Oscars shortlist in 2018

The profound impact of my grandfather on my personal development has led me to dedicate my talent and expertise to creating a touching short film inspired by his legacy titled 'Saba.' This metaphorical narrative delves into the timeless theme of transmitting wisdom from one generation to the next, underscoring the significance of honoring and respecting our elders. 'Saba' represents a metaphorical odyssey of closure with those we have lost—individuals who have deeply influenced and shaped our life trajectories.

In today's complex global landscape, I believe it is vital to share stories that convey meaningful messages to the world. 'Saba' transcends cultural boundaries, offering a universal message that resonates on multiple levels, as the loss of someone special is a shared human experience.

For this project, I have assembled a team of highly experienced animators boasting extensive backgrounds in films such as (Beauty and the Beast, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Lion King, Klaus, and many more). Currently, I am personally funding the entire project by myself and I am now reaching out, seeking individuals and organizations who share a passion for storytelling and cultural representation to partner with me, providing support and sponsorship for this heartfelt endeavor. 

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